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Broadway and Beyond



Comments: Dear Patrick

My wife and I have been enjoying the Qld Pops Orchestra since its formation. We recall many highlights.

But on Saturday we feasted on what we both agreed was probably the finest concert we have ever seen in Brisbane, beating even the superlative Main Event (Warlow/Farnham) in 1998.

Cherin Lee’s playing is so exceptional (let alone at 15!) it will remain in our minds a Master Class never to be excelled; Silvie Paladino and Jason Barry-Smith showed they are the best voices in Australia, and your orchestra is at a peak. Where do you go next when you have climbed the musical Everest?

Congratulations and thank you. We haven’t stopped talking about this presentation since. Wonderful music; an experience to savour for years to come.” Michael Pinnock

“I always enjoy live orchestras and it was certainly a large one at the last performance.  I even appreciate opera when the singers have such lovely voices as those who sing with Qld Pops.  I think Debra O’Toole is a lovely, versatile singer.  I also enjoyed the Beatles medley at the end.  I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the Beatles music as much as I did.  I was always an Elvis fan in my youth and still enjoy his voice.  I’ve always liked swing and the dancers were a nice addition too. 

Am looking forward to A Celtic Gathering.  I haven’t been to any of the Qld Pops Celtic performances in the last few years although I’ve been to most of the others.

I’m always sorry when the Qld Pops concerts end but return home with a smile and it stays with me at least until I go to work on Monday!”    L Pearsall